Lisa and I spent the first part of last week at the NATP National Conference in New Orleans. We’ve gotten a lot from our partnership with the group, and we always enjoy meeting new people and visiting with longtime members at the event.

New Orleans is perhaps my favorite city in America, even in July when the thermometer climbs nearly all the way to 100. (And it’s not a dry heat, thankyouverymuch.) You just can’t beat the combination of food, drink, and music. Although it’s located in “the South,” it’s not a southern city so much as a Caribbean city.  Read more…

Walmart Steaks

Years ago, Folgers Coffee scored big with a series of ads taking the viewer inside various gourmet restaurants while a voiceover whispered “we’re here at such-and-such snooty restaurant, where we’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve with Folgers Crystals. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference.” Then they interviewed diners, who expressed shock (and no small amount of embarrassment, I’m sure), when they discovered how much they liked the schlocky Folgers instant instead of the “gourmet” brand they expected. (This was way before Starbucks elevated our palates and made us all coffee connoisseurs.)

Now Walmart has shamelessly ripped off paid homage to Folgers with their own ad promoting — believe it or not — Walmart steaks. “We’re here at the famous Golden Ox steakhouse in Kansas City, where we switched their steak, with Walmart’s choice premium steak…” (If you haven’t already seen it, click here to see for yourself — do it before you read the rest of this article.) Read more…

Here’s the Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Measure in Your Business

I keep saying that if you aren’t participating in our Wednesday Member Call-Ins, you’re missing one of the most valuable parts of your TaxCoach membership. But some discussions are just so valuable, they bear repeating here in the Briefs.

David Tuck, a former IRS agent and longtime member from Oregon, puts great stock in creating systems to manage and measure his business. Here’s a question he asked on yesterday’s call:

“What are the key performance indicators (KPI) that TaxCoach members need to focus on to be REALLY successful?” Read more…

Truer Than the Red, White, and Blue!

American flag

July 4th is almost here, and most of you are looking ahead towards weekend barbecues, parades, and other outdoor fun. So I won’t keep you! But I do want you to give at least a little thought to the revolutionaries who gave birth to our country these 239 years ago.

What motivated them?

Sure, read the Declaration of Independence, and you’ll see a whole list of “repeated injuries and usurpations.” But we all know the real action came on the tax side.  Read more…