More Success Stories About Higher Prices

Wednesday night, due to weather-related travel delays, I found myself idly flipping through the channels at a hotel in downtown Miami. (It was the Viceroy, on Brickell Avenue, which was a nice property, but with such a heavy Miami Vice vibe that I was surprised they didn’t stock cocaine in the minibar.) I came across something on CNBC and realized just a few minutes into the program that I would be writing about it here.

The show was called Restaurant Startup, and it’s a cross between Shark Tank and Top Chef. (Seriously… I can see the producer walking into a meeting with CNBC and pitching it as exactly that.) Read more…

Academic Research Proves This Weird Trick Works to Sign More Tax Clients

Here at TaxCoach, we’ve always said that the most effective way to sign more clients is appeal to their sense of pain, rather than gain. Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics in part for their work showing that consumers feel the emotional impact of pain twice as strongly as the emotional impact of gain.

Members across the country have told us that pitching pain relief is more effective than pitching gain. As both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would say, there’s a YUGE difference between telling a prospective client, “I can save you $5,000 a year in taxes” and “You’re wasting $5,000 per year on taxes you’re overpaying.”

Now there’s new research that illustrates this fundamental truth – and now is a great time to remember how powerful it truly is. Read more…

Live from New York, It’s Ed Lyon!

The IRS reported a “hardware failure” earlier this week, leaving a number of its tax processing systems unavailable to individuals wishing to file their returns. For an update on this failure and how it might affect you, check out Ed Lyon’s interview with USA Radio Networks earlier this week:


USA Radio Networks is a national radio network heard across the United States on over 200 stations including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Phoenix, Tampa, and Denver.


TaxCoach members are always asking us how they can market (or market more effectively) on Facebook and other social media. Maybe the answer has been staring you in the face all along.

A fair number of members use TaxCoach Wire Service, our weekly done-for-you email marketing system, to stay in front of prospects and clients every week. The best part is, the emails get opened and get read. No boring rundowns on new depreciation regulations or benefit plan changes.  Read more…