How to Get Clients to Act

Yesterday, we got a great question on the Wednesday Member Call-In:

“Do you have any suggestions for how to get tax planning prospects to actually send in all of their tax returns? I’ve had several people lately send in part of the tax returns but seem to be lagging on getting the rest of the tax returns sent in. I don’t know if this is just because they are suffering from summer-itis.”

Getting prospects and clients to actually do something is a constant challenge. It’s a busy world, and who wants to put together paperwork for a tax plan when there are Pokemon to catch?

The solution, when clients don’t feel a sense of urgency to act, is for you to give them that sense of urgency. How? By appealing to their wallets, of course. Read more…

Here’s How to Delight Your Highest Income Clients (Including W2s!)

We usually focus these weekly emails on marketing topics and TaxCoach system news. But this week I want to introduce a little-known planning strategy for clients who want to avoid tax on a big slug of specific income.

For hedge fund managers, life is probably pretty good. They’re making a fortune – the top managers make literally billions in a single year. And as long as they can keep demonstrating their value to their clients, they’ll keep raking in that money, year after year.

Still, there’s a shadow on the horizon. On December 31, 2017, an eight-year-old loophole closes, and fund managers need to pay tax on performance fees they’ve parked offshore. Last month, Bloomberg ran an article on the dilemma, reporting that fund managers are scrambling to find ways to avoid tax on that gain, which they estimate at about $100 billion. That suggests that Uncle Sam may be looking at a $25 billion windfall. Read more…

You’re Invited!

For the last couple of years, we’ve hosted a Masterminding Retreat for our All-Star members. The format is simple: everyone gets a 40-minute “Hot Seat” to discuss their business then work with the group to learn from each other as we work on our challenges with the most experienced hands in the business. Members leave the meeting with a list of success strategies they can put to work immediately. There’s just no substitute for learning from your peers.

But it’s been a couple of years now since we’ve hosted a big national meeting, and we miss you! So this year, we’re tweaking the formula so we can open up our Masterminding Meeting to everyone. And we’re offering you a seat! Read more…

Science Proves Us Right (Again)

Last month, we reprinted one of our “golden oldie” Briefs articles titled “Marketing Lessons from High School Cheerleaders.” The theme of the article, not surprisingly, was the value of playing hard-to-get. Now I want to present two separate scientific studies reaffirming the value of that lesson. So this week, we’ll walk through those studies and suggest some ways you can put them to work for your practice. (And hey, if you’re looking for the love of your life, they might come in handy there, too!) Read more…