Here’s Why You Need a Bone Saw

Our Wednesday member call-ins are a lot of fun, and they’ve become my favorite regular appointment of the week. Yesterday’s was especially lively, and resulted in a spike in surgical equipment sales (!) that will probably have the analysts at the Department of Commerce scratching their heads.

We all use a lot of sophisticated software tools in our business. If you prepare taxes, for example, you use tax-prep software. But clients can walk into any Staples and buy the same program themselves. If you’re a financial advisor, you use software to model asset allocation and investing strategies. But clients can go to Fidelity or Charles Schwab and get those tools online for free.

So, why do clients need us? Well, for one simple but crucially important reason! Just because they can go out and buy the tool doesn’t mean they should be using it.

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Put a Little Magic to Work for Your Business

Let me confess up front that the subject line of this week’s post is a bit of a bait-and-switch. I didn’t go to Hogwarts, and I can’t really help you put magic to work to build your business. (If I could, I’d already be using it to build mine.) I can’t even teach you card tricks to use during presentations, like pulling a quarter out of your ear. (And why a quarter? Wouldn’t a $100 bill be a better trick?)

But I do have a “magic question” that I used to build my own business before I launched TaxCoach 11 years ago, and I want to share it with everyone here. Many of you who are already TaxCoach members have heard it before. But if you’re not using it every single day, you’re missing a huge opportunity to fill your office with eager clients. And it’s even more powerful now that “planning season” has officially begun. Read more…

Linking In for Planning Season

Labor Day has come and gone, and while the “official” calendar says summer doesn’t end until September 21, we all know what this time of year means. That’s right, it’s tax planning season – time to take advantage of the clock counting down until December 31! We realize you may still be busy cranking out returns for procrastinators – but if you don’t “prime the marketing pump” throughout the year – especially right now – you’ll miss out some of the year’s most lucrative planning engagements.

TaxCoach has all sorts of resources you can use to turn prospects into clients during this important season. You’ll find them in the “Marketing Templates” section of TaxCoach, and they include:  Read more…

Welcome to the Clubhouse!

For years now, our Wednesday member call-ins and monthly TCU 999 classes have given TaxCoach members a place to pose your thorniest marketing, management, and even technical questions to a group of uniquely qualified peers across the country.

Now there’s a new resource that delivers that same access, 24/7. It’s the TaxCoach Clubhouse – an online forum for you to participate in the conversation whenever you like! Read more…