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Our Mission

To improve your satisfaction with your working life by helping you build the business of your dreams—by showing your clients how to save tax dollars and getting compensated for your advice.


Our Story

Back in 2001, Ed created his “Instant Tax Relief” product to sell at seminars. After many requests for this valuable tax advice, he realized that these tax saving reports could be customized for his personal clients. As crude as those first plans looked, clients loved them. No one had ever seen anything like it. Finally, a plan to beat the IRS. Legally!

In 2002, he prepared a tax plan for his friend and neighbor, Keith VandeStadt. Ed restructured his business to simplify his accounting, implemented a medical expense reimbursement plan, and showed him how to shift some of his personal expenses to his business return. Basically, the plan saved him a small fortune.

So when it came time to formalize the planning service and develop the TaxCoach™ system, Keith was a natural partner. He had seen the strategies work himself, and as a systems professional, he knew how to create the mechanics. After polishing the system and adding business-building resources, Ed and Keith launched TaxCoach™ in 2005.

Ed has personally consulted with hundreds of tax business owners and listened as they have shared how they’ve fine-tuned our system for real-world results. So now, TaxCoach™ has grown way beyond just “tax planning software.” It’s become a complete practice development system with hundreds of tools for tax business owners, including marketing guides, copy samples, document templates, tax strategy implementation guides, instructional webinars, regular member Q&A call-ins, consultations, and regional and national events.

In 2010, Financial Gravity CEI John Pollock joined TaxCoach as a member and immediately saw how he could take advantage of the TaxCoach system to grow his financial advisory business. John built a complete marketing and service system around TaxCoach and used it to establish Financial Gravity as the leader in proactive tax planning for business owners clients.  It made sense for TaxCoach to partner with Financial Gravity to expand its service offerings to its members.

Our members represent a diverse group of small practice owners, who together make up a national community through which they share stories and advice. We know TaxCoach™ works because that’s what our members tell us. Read the testimonials to learn how TaxCoach™ members just like you have used our system to transform their businesses – and their lives.

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Edward A. Lyon, JD

Ed is an authority on tax planning – an author, consultant, speaker, and a co-founder of TaxCoach™ Software, LLC. He’s actively involved in mentoring members during our weekly Member Call-Ins and through individual coaching with advanced TaxCoach™ members. Ed is also the Chief Tax Strategist for Financial Gravity.  Ed leads the effort in ensuring that the latest tax practices are researched and provided to all members. He’s a member of many elite tax groups, as well as small business owner mentoring networks.

Ed has written seven books on tax and financial planning, and is a sought-after speaker to accountants, financial professionals, and business owners throughout the country. He has appeared on over 300 radio and television broadcasts, with over two dozen national television appearances, including interviews on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNBC.


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Keith A. VandeStadt, CPA

Keith is our member services guru and serves as the systems expert and Chief Operating Officer of TaxCoach™. Keith understands the challenges business owners face and has a knack for taking complex projects and creating concise plans and elegant solutions.

As a TaxCoach™ co-founder and systems expert, Keith engineered the software on which the TaxCoach™ planning applications operate. He is actively involved in member support and communication.

Keith’s career prior to TaxCoach™ spanned eight years in management consulting with Price Waterhouse, and another eleven years as an independent consultant in financial systems design. Over his consulting career, his clients ranged from state governments to corporations such as Procter & Gamble, NCR, and Kodak.

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Lisa S. Wells, CPA, MBA

Lisa brings 20 years of marketing, strategic management, and financial experience to her role as the Marketing Vice President for TaxCoach™. Her expertise and passion for driving sales growth and championing new products keeps TaxCoach™ on the forefront of the latest business and marketing strategies. She also shares her experience by educating future entrepreneurs as an adjunct professor in Indiana Wesleyan University’s MBA and BA programs.

Lisa has worked for Johnson & Johnson, Quaker Oats, and IPSOS Marketing Research, directing strategic plans resulting in substantial profit and brand share gains despite formidable competitive pressures. Lisa is also a former manager for KPMG Peat Marwick and a financial planning manager for the Coca Cola Bottling Company of NY. Following this experience, she earned an MBA in finance and marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business.

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Robert Gambardella, CPA

Robert is a consultant for TaxCoach™ and is the owner of a successful tax practice in Shelton, CT, Concierge Tax Services, LLC. Robert left a position as a corporate controller to build his tax practice from scratch. He replaced his corporate salary in less than two years, attributing much of that success to things he learned from TaxCoach™. He has sold over $100,000 in TaxCoach™ tax plans, and is an All-Star member and a consultant for other TaxCoach™ members and staff. New members are eligible for a complimentary business consultation with Robert, to help identify ways in which TaxCoach™ can grow their businesses.

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