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Devious Tax Avoidance

I’ve told you all time and time again how much I recommend using the day’s news to market your business, to join the conversation your prospects are already having, rather than starting your own conversation (which probably won’t interest them very much anyway). So it probably won’t surprise you to learn I spend a fair amount of time, both online and off, combing the news for the information I need to keep TaxCoach up to date, as well as “infotainment” I can use to grab readers’ attention.  Read more…

I, Robot

Before you read any further, go to and type in “tax preparer.”

We’ll wait for you.

Ok, now that you’re back, let’s talk.

I realize you’re not just a “tax preparer.” You’re a tax business owner. That’s different, yes. But if your principal product is tax preparation, you’re in danger. Read more…