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What Business Do You Want to Be In?

You would think that it’s pretty hard to open a business without knowing what business you’re in. It’s easy to imagine what the race looks like when you’re just heading out the gate. But what happens down the road when things like technology, the economy, or consumer demands change? What happens when you change, and get tired of the business you’re in?

April 15 has come and gone, and we’re bidding farewell to another tax season. For some of you, it’s no big deal. For others, it’s a time of great relief, like finishing a marathon. Read more…

The $500,000 Man

There are certain times of year when you just don’t expect people to be available. Take Santa Claus, for example. The week before Christmas, he’s busy. Don’t expect him to return your calls or emails.

For most of us, this is that time of year. But even the busiest tax season can be full of success stories. So here are some comments from the last few Wednesday Marketing and Management Calls. Remember, success stories are never off-topic! Read more…