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Ed Lyon, Chief Tax Strategist and
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At TaxCoach, we’ve taught thousands of CPAs and EAs just like you how to use proactive tax planning to build your businesses. We’ve shown you how to identify the right prospective clients, sell the service, deliver the engagement, and – most importantly – get paid what you’re worth.

Now we’re pleased to introduce a unique tax-planning strategy seminar for CPAs and EAs who want to incorporate proactive business consulting into their practices.

Here’s the premise. There are four broad ways that you can help your clients cut their tax bills. There are timing-based strategies, like using IRAs and 401ks to defer tax until retirement. There are income shifting strategies, like hiring your children to shift income to be taxed at their lower rates. There are code-based strategies, like the “Augusta rule” that lets you rent your home to your business for up to 14 days of tax-free business. And there are financial products, like life insurance and tax-efficient investments, that work to minimize or eliminate tax.

So, timing, shifting, code, and product. Most CPAs and EAs are perfectly comfortable with timing, shifting, and code. (They generally aren’t proactive with them, but that’s another story.) But they aren’t nearly as familiar or comfortable with product strategies. That means they just don’t have the knowledge to take advantage of all the available tax-saving opportunities.

This new conference starts with comprehensive training in all four areas, then gives you a specific plan for putting them all to work. Here’s the broad 2 ½-day agenda:

  • CPA/EA “3.0” – what you need to succeed with the practice of the future
  • Tax Strategies I: Timing/Shifting/Code
  • Tax Strategies II: Product Strategies
  • Retirement Planning Strategies – the key to selling planning to the W2 market
  • Mechanics of Adding Financial Services – choices for delivering value to clients
  • The Fractional Family Office – a new concept in financial services
  • Introduction to the Certified Tax Master program

When: May 22-24, 2017

Where: Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, Grapevine, TX

Cost: $999

Register: HERE

You’ll learn:

  • timing strategies
  • shift strategies
  • code strategies

And, finally, the strategy most CPA’s and EA’s are most unfamiliar with…

  • product strategies

Learn about financial products to put to work in your business.  Those interested in pursuing this in more depth will receive additional information and training at the seminar.

"This program was better than any AICPA seminar I’ve attended."

Joseph Fragnoli, CPA


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