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I’m ready to deliver added value to my clients with tax cutting solutions!

Deliver true added value
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No other financial advisor is going to show their client how to lower taxes apart from the traditional investments.

There are 206,243 financial advisors out there competing for your clients. How are you going to show those clients that you’re different — and more valuable than the rest?

Savvy financial advisors have always known that tax planning is the most powerful “bait” to open lucrative cases. Business owners hate paying tax on their incomes. Retirees hate paying tax on their investments. And high-net-worth individuals hate the thought that estate tax will attack their net worth all over again!

We’ll show you how to create a done-for-you report to cut your clients’ taxes.

TaxCoach™ software lets planners identify the mistakes and missed opportunities that can cost clients thousands of dollars per year. Then it prepares written, plain-English plans — not confusing spreadsheets — that identify concepts and strategies to rescue those wasted dollars.

TaxCoach™ has over 100 concise, easy-to-understand modules specifically designed to support your business. These include charitable giving strategies, insurance-based retirement strategies, “family bank” and “family management company” strategies, ILITs, dynasty trusts, and more.

Think of it as a financial planning program, but for taxes, and you’ll get the idea.

You also get a suite of marketing tools to communicate this added service.

You can even try it, absolutely free, for 15 days!

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to the TaxCoach™ planning system with over 100 tax strategies, with sources and customizable plan templates
  • Marketing Resources with target marketing strategies & advertising templates, fee-setting suggestions, and sample engagement letters
  • Weekly Member forums and Business Building webinars with strategy discussions and live Q&A
  • Marketing Guide & Onboarding Guide mailed to jump-start my success
  • Personal Consultation to get you started
  • Seminar Kits with invitations, Powerpoint presentations, speakers’ scripts, handouts, and evaluation forms

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