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Why Add Financial Services
to Your Thriving Practice?

If you’re a traditional accountant, focusing your practice on bookkeeping and tax prep, you’re an endangered species. You know this, right? Technological change is turning your core businesses into commodities – cheap and indistinguishable, like soap or toilet paper. And there’s nothing you can do to stop the wheels of those particular changes. But you can adapt to the change – and even thrive.

Financial services are a natural fit with your accounting practice. But you know that, too, right? You are the person clients trust with all their financial matters. By adding financial services, you can increase your value as your client’s complete trusted financial advisor – while increasing bottom line. We make it easy for you with our flexible programs.

Why use the Financial Gravity Wealth platform?

Financial Gravity Wealth’s Investor Advisor Representative Programs are centered on your success – and more importantly your client’s success. We will provide you with the latest analytic tools, portfolio management platforms, cutting-edge technology (much of which you can only get with us), and the most diverse set of financial investment vehicles available – as well as ongoing support. We believe that tax planning, financial planning, wealth management, and risk management should work together throughout these programs.

What makes Financial Gravity Wealth unique?

  1. Taxes: Taxes are our single biggest expense and no one addresses it! We do!
  2. Controlling the Controllable: Many platforms rely on “beating the market” or “picking the next big thing.” We rely on portfolios engineered around the things that can be controlled: risk, volatility, costs, taxes and diversity.
  3. Trademarks/Branding: In a world of commoditization, the only way to separate yourself is with branding. A wealth management platform can separate itself from encroaching “robo-advisors.” We have 15 trademarks and counting. Using trademarks to tell a story with your message, combined with a unique business model, is how we separate from the competition in the market place.

We understand that your practice will continue to be successful through your strong commitment and dedicated time and effort. Financial Gravity Wealth allows you the flexibility to be in control of client activities services. The relationships you have built with your clients remain within your ownership, and FGW will not interface with your clients unless necessary or required by you. The flexibility is yours regarding your firm branding.

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How do I add financial services to my accounting practice?

STEP 1: Decide if you want to become a financial advisor and manage your own book, or use Financial Gravity wealth professionals to manage your business.

STEP 2: Contact Dave Crowley, President, Financial Gravity Wealth, at or (469) 342-9100 to get set up in the program.

Turnkey Do-It-Yourself Program for Tax Professionals

You only want compliance, performance reporting and client portal? We have a program for that. You want to find a client and then toss them to us, so that we ask the questions, complete the paperwork, we confirm the transfers. Meaning, we do everything and you still get paid.

Undeniable Assurance and Accountability for IARs

FGW provides you the confidence to focus on your client’s best interests, while implementing secure systems to manage compliance, administration, and marketing concerns. Our processes and technology are structured throughout the process to make transitions and onboarding not only effective, but simple. We will provide an extensive, individualized plan for your firm to ensure that compliance, training, and set up are seamless. We manage and handle the needed support, leaving you confident that your firm is in good hands.

Effortless, Logical, and Efficient Procedures for IARs

Stop worrying about the details and let FGW take control so you can focus on growth. We handle the workload related to technology arrangement, software remuneration, marketable resources, custodian communication, accurate compliance recording, and much more. We allow you to focus on your firm’s productivity and growth in sales while making the onboarding process consistent and smooth. We are your back office!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide additional value to your clients and increase your bottom line.

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