Give Them a Reason

When my daughter Margaret turned seven, we gave her an orange-haired kitten for her birthday. (I still have a picture of her holding the little guy for the first time, in a frame in my bedroom, because I’m sentimental that way.) She named him Chester, and fell in love with him.

Fast forward to today. Margaret turns 16 in two weeks. She’s already driving a stick shift, looking forward to getting her license and discovering the joys of the open road.

And Chester? Well, you know what they say about kittens… they grow up into cats. Chester weighs 19 pounds now, and it seems like all of that is fur. So much fur, in fact, that I take him to the groomer to shave him every year. He gets a “lion cut,” which leaves just his mane, a floof of fuzz at his tail, and a what looks like a set of Uggs on his feet. It’s become a reliable marker of spring at chez Lyon, shaving him and seeing the expression on his face when he realizes how silly he looks.

Chester sheds. A lot. Especially on the family room rug, where he likes to sleep in the sun. Margaret and I even got a wire pet brush to scrape the hair off the carpet.

(Stick with me, folks, there really will be a point here.)

Then my girlfriend got a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and raved about it. So I took the plunge and ordered one from Amazon for myself.

The new toy arrived a couple of days later, and Margaret and I marveled at it as we took it out of the box. Margaret said it looked like it came from the future. But when we started vacuuming that family room rug, we were amazed at how well it sucked up poor Chester’s hair. A few minutes later, we remembered that the rug is actually burgundy underneath all that orange. We looked at the container that replaces the bag in Dyson machines (and which is partly responsible for all that suction), and it looked like there was an entire cat trapped inside.

I never thought I would get excited about a vacuum cleaner. But now I’m a raving fan. I thought about writing a review on Amazon. But then I realized I have my own soapbox, right here, and I can reach thousands more readers than I could with an Amazon review. So here I am, telling you to go out today and get yourself a Dyson. Your home (and your allergies!) will thank you.

So what’s the point here? My point is, the best way to delight your clients, and the best way to get them to refer new clients, is to “wow” them with amazing service and amazing value – the way Dyson amazed me with their amazing appliance.

And how do you actually do that? Well, here at TaxCoach, we think the best way is to suck dollars out of their tax bills the way my new Dyson sucks cat hair out of my rug. Then show them just how much you save them, the same way the Dyson showed us how much hair it picked up.

We’re fortunate because we work in an industry where we can explicitly quantify our value to our clients. My yard guy, who’s a week late getting my grass cut, can’t quantify his value. The guy who changed my oil this morning can keep my car maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, but he can’t show me why he’s better than anyone else who changes my oil. Yet we can go to our clients and say, “See, you paid $8,000 less this year after doing a tax plan with me than you did last year with your old tax guy, Fully-Depreciated Frank.”

Yet most of us don’t exploit that advantage nearly as much as we should. Ask yourself, when was the last time you told a client exactly how much you’re worth? It might be never. And even if you can remember an example, you’ve probably missed more opportunities to do it since then.

TaxCoach gives you all the tools you need to create and communicate the savings that will turn clients into raving fans. Just get out and use them!