Groundhog Day

I never understood why we make such a big deal about a furry rodent predicting the weather. Even my 11-year-old thinks the whole thing is lame. And how can a big furry rodent in a tiny Pennsylvania town keep up with the latest research and projections on global climate change?

Yet here we are, February 2, Groundhog Day, 2017. Apparently, the little quadruped called for six more weeks of winter this morning. Who’s to say if he’s right or not? Hey, if I could get paid to be wrong as often as a TV weatherman, I’d take that gig myself.

But when I hear the words “Groundhog Day,” I don’t think of the rodent burrowing under the Punxsutawney soil. I think of the classic movie where Bill Murray, playing a smug and self-centered weatherman, discovers he’s trapped in some sort of time loop, doomed to relive the same day over and over.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and discovered it was still today? What if you discovered there really was no tomorrow?

Would you stuff your face full of doughnuts like Bill Murray’s character, blithely disregarding the possibility that you could ever gain weight or wind up with Type II diabetes? Would you go for a drunk drive, just for the hell of it? Would you let the groundhog drive the truck? (“Don’t drive angry. Don’t drive angry!”)

Or would you make sure to catch the boy that falls out of the same tree every day (even though he never says “thank you”)? Would you work to save the homeless man who dies at the end of every day? Would you learn to bless the day that you just lived – and in doing so, break the curse?

Now go back and read those last three paragraphs again – except, instead of thinking “Groundhog Day,” think “Tax Season.” Does it change your perspective?

How many of you went to bed on December 31, dreading the upcoming busy season – then woke up on January 1, bound and determined to trudge through the same systems and processes that left you so frustrated last year?

How many of you think it’s too late to change anything for this season?

(Case in point – if you use Drake software, there’s still time to consider shifting some of your returns to the new TaxCoach tax prep program. Just saying…)

The moral here should be obvious. Bill Murray wasn’t doomed to repeat Groundhog Day over and over, and neither are you. In fact, breaking out of the loop is even easier for you. So what are you waiting for?