I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You This

I probably shouldn’t tell you this. Keith and Lisa are going to kill me for tipping our hand here. But TaxCoach has a hidden “fatal flaw” that could make the entire system worthless for many members. What is it, you ask? It’s this:

It won’t do anything for you if you don’t use it.

Now, plenty of TaxCoach members avoid that pitfall entirely. They use the damn thing! They put it to work and use proactive tax planning to attract new clients, generate more revenue from existing clients, and take their businesses where they really want to go.

Here’s an email we got last month from a member who actually used the system, and who asked us not to share his name with the group:

“Please cancel my subscription to


Thank you, Ed and Keith for all your great work!

With the help of Ed’s coaching, my practice went from $198k fy 2012/13 in annual revenues to $343k this year, and I am selling the practice for $460k this month!

TaxCoach is the way to go…”

There’s a terrific story. Here’s a member who took a two-figure monthly investment and turned it into a six-figure gain.

So… what are you doing with your investment? If the answer is “not enough” – or, even worse, “nothing yet” – then now is the time to start. Tax “season” is over, but demonstrating your value is never out of season. And proactive tax planning is the best way we know of to do exactly that.

Here are some specific ideas you can start implementing today to help achieve the same results as our member who’s selling his practice for nearly twice as much as it was worth before TaxCoach:

  • Pick three self-employed clients who make enough as sole proprietors to justify re-organizing as S corporations. Call them and say, “I’ve got an idea I think will save you money – and it’s time for us to sit down and do some formal tax planning.”
  • Think of a client who’s saved some money through your service. Sit down and quantify exactly how much they’ve saved. (I bet you’ll be surprised how much it really is.) Take them to lunch and tell them how much you’ve saved them. (I guarantee they’ll be surprised how much it really is!) Then ask them who they know who might like those same savings. (For more information, check outHow to Double Your Referrals This Tax Season, in the TaxCoach University section of the system.)
  • Consider becoming an author to demonstrate your credibility and authority. (For more information, visitwww.TaxCoachBookLicense.com.) Why hand out your business card when you can hand out your book?
  • Join our next Wednesday Member Call-In (June 29, 1PM Eastern) and discover all the ways your TaxCoach peers across the country are putting the system to work.

If you’re like most TaxCoach members, you’ve got more time now to put into these sorts of efforts. So what are you waiting for?