I’ll Eat My Own Dog Food

I was going to call this article “What I Did on Summer Vacation,” but I realized if that were the title, nobody would read it.

Keith and I have both enjoyed vacations this last month. Keith and his family spent their traditional two weeks at their beach house in Southern Shores, North Carolina. (How’s that for a name?) They enjoyed the beach, the sea air, and the slower pace of life that comes with living at the beach.

A week after Keith got home, my girlfriend and I spent eight days touring Paris, Normandy, and London. I realize in some circles it’s fashionable to dismiss the French as “cheese eating surrender monkeys,” but we found them almost uniformly gracious and welcoming. (Having said that, they sure do like their cigarettes. Ick.) London was fun, too, albeit pricey. (The bar at the hotel where we stayed in Covent Garden was called “Good Godfreys,” which the hotel says takes its name from the former leader of the house band. However, when we opened the menu and saw what worked out to be $35 for cocktails, we both said “Good God, they can’t be serious.”)

Now, vacation is coming to an end. Labor Day is almost here and it’ll be time to put away the summer whites. The leaves will turn, at least in the parts of the country where we still have leaves left to turn, and fall will be here.

So now is the time of year when I usually write a rah-rah article about gearing up for fall tax-planning season. But this year, I thought I would try something new. Instead of just urging you to “go out and get ‘em,” I’m going to give you – what else – a plan.

Next week, you’ll find a complete three-month schedule, task lists, and procedures that you can follow to make Fall 2015 your best planning season ever.

But wait… there’s more!

Today it’s all about “social media.” Nothing really happens unless you instagram it, right? And if it’s not on Facebook, it may as not well exist.

So I’m asking you to share your results with all of us. Let us know your successes, and even your failures if you’re willing.  If enough of you participate, we’ll publish a ranking, by plans sold and fees generated.

One more thing… I’m going to eat my own dog food, and I’m going to play along too. That’s right, I’ll be following the same plan myself, and sharing my own successes and failures. (You may be surprised, there’s probably more to learn from the failures anyway.)

So keep an eye out next week for the plan, and the next 12 weeks after that for progress reports, from me and from the TaxCoach community. We’ll all have fun. We’ll all make money. And the only one who will lose is the IRS! Sound good?