It’s April 18… Now What?

Everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was shot. (For most of us, I suspect, the answer is “not born.”) But do you remember where were you at 4:34 on Monday afternoon? Tony “Loopholes” Amatore was pressing “Send” on the email below, and it’s well worth examining:

“Well, it’s 4:30pm eastern time tax day, April 18th. I have just finished my 32nd marathon or (tax season.) I’m just finishing up my two tax plans, my tax return and my updated FAFSA for both of my kids’ colleges.

As I sit here and reflect, this one ran pretty smooth, thanks to 2 college interns and a new admin, all new staffers.

For the first time as I sit here before heading home early, I ponder, is it time to retire (Florida maybe), slow down or keep on truckin’?

For the first time, thanks to all of you at Tax Coach, I have options. Ain’t life grand. Options.

I will ponder them on my day off tomorrow.

God Bless.

Anthony J. Amatore”

Most of the TaxCoach members I’ve talked to have told me this was a pretty good season. Lots of you have told me you’re making more money, with less work and fewer hassles. I like to think that TaxCoach has played a part in all of that.

But… options. Now that’s a successful season. I think most of us really like the work we do, the value we deliver, and the clients we help. But we want to be in a position to keep doing it because we want to, not because we have to.

Tony’s spent 32 years in this business. But now he’s got options. I think he’ll be back for a 33rd. But it will be on his terms.

If you’re an active participant in the TaxCoach community, give yourself a pat on the back for Tony’s success. He’s learned more from all of you than he has from me!

Our stats show that nobody first joins TaxCoach specifically for the community that helped Tony achieve his success (mainly on Wednesdays at 1PM Eastern, but also at live events across the country). But there are plenty of you who join and decide the community is the most valuable part of the system. We’ve even caught former members who try to join in on the calls weeks and months after their membership expires.

Well now Tax Season is over, for Tony and for the rest of us. Here’s hoping you had a good one. What are you up to next?