Linking In for Planning Season

Labor Day has come and gone, and while the “official” calendar says summer doesn’t end until September 21, we all know what this time of year means. That’s right, it’s tax planning season – time to take advantage of the clock counting down until December 31! We realize you may still be busy cranking out returns for procrastinators – but if you don’t “prime the marketing pump” throughout the year – especially right now – you’ll miss out some of the year’s most lucrative planning engagements.

TaxCoach has all sorts of resources you can use to turn prospects into clients during this important season. You’ll find them in the “Marketing Templates” section of TaxCoach, and they include: 

  • “Back to school” prospecting letter
  • Year-end planning letter for prospects
  • Year-end lead generator postcard
  • “Black Friday” prospecting letter (verypopular around Thanksgiving)
  • “It’s Later” prospecting letter
  • “New Year’s Resolution” prospecting letter

If you’re not interested in shouldering the cost of direct mail, all of these would make excellent emails or social media posts.

There’s also the “Ounce of Prevention” checklist to identify planning opportunities that clients might not already have discovered. Remember those old-school paper organizers we all used to send out to clients? They all started with a checklist of questions about things clients might have done the previous year. The problem is that by the time we got them, it was too late! So the “Ounce of Prevention” lets us jump on those opportunities before the year-end deadline.

If you have a planning strategy that’s worked especially well for you – or a question about a strategy – feel free to share it in the TaxCoach Clubhouse, our new online forum! The Clubhouse gives you a place to connect with peers any time of day or night. It’s becoming a lively community with discussions on all sorts of topics, and well worth your time if you haven’t already stopped by. New this week, there’s a direct link to the forum from the “Community” area of the TaxCoach Home Page, which will also provide your login ID.

Finally, on Tuesday afternoon, we kicked off the fall semester at TaxCoach University. (We could hear the TCU Marching Band practicing in the distance on the field, getting ready for the football team’s home opener against the TurboTax Do-It-Yourselfers – go, team!)

In TCU 903, we introduced our newest Adjunct Professor, Crystal Thies, aka “The LinkedIn Ninja.” Crystal specializes in helping financial advisors and accountants use LinkedIn to build their businesses, and she presented “LinkedIn: The Ultimate All-in-One Power Tool.”

Crystal will be presenting for two hours at the All-Star Masterminding Retreat that we’ll be hosting here in Cincinnati on October 26-28. (Early bird registration discounts end on Monday, September 19, so if you haven’t registered, to do it now!) I had anticipated that her class Tuesday would be a preview of that presentation. And it was… but it was so much more than just a preview. It was an enormously practical discussion of LinkedIn strategies, with information you can put to work immediately. If you missed it Tuesday, please do yourself a favor and spend an hour with the class – you’ll find the playback in the TaxCoach University section as TCU 903.

It’s September 15 as I write these words… the 258th day of the year, with just 107 planning days left until 2017. Yes, it’s important to get your fall football fix, your leaf-peeping trips, and all the seasonal pumpkin spice-flavored delicacies you can eat and drink. You’ll also want to take some time off for the upcoming holidays. But this is a crucial time of year for building your long-term business, and we’re pleased to bring you resources to do that. The clients aren’t going to sign themselves – so take those resources and get out there and use them!