Marketing Tips from Captain America

CaptainAmericaThis weekend, I took my 15-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son to see “Captain America: Civil War.” My daughter absolutely loves Marvel comic book movies – in fact, she’s the one who convinced me to give them a try in the first place. And my son loves just about any movie. So we trooped on down to the local multiplex, dropped $60 on tickets, popcorn, and those annoying 3D glasses, and had a great couple of hours once the endless commercials and previews were done rolling.

After the movie was over, we sat in our seats while the credits rolled and the rest of the audience filed out. We knew that even after the “movie” was over, we’d be rewarded with more. And we were… there were teasers for the Black Panther movie coming in 2018 and a new Spider-Man movie, too. My kids and I will be back to see them both.

What does any of this have to do with taxes? Glad you asked! As many of you have noticed, April 15 has come and gone. “Tax season” is over, and most of the clients are filing out of the theatre. But you can bring them back for more… if you have the right teaser.

Here’s a great teaser to use to get new planning clients in the door. It’s good for anyone you talk to – at a neighborhood barbecue, a kids’ soccer game, or your next Chamber of Commerce meeting. Just ask them, “Did you pay too much tax this year?” Most people think they do. If they paid, they think they should have gotten a refund. If they got a refund, it should have been bigger.

So they’ll answer, “Yes.” When they do, ask them what they’re doing about it.

Their answer will probably be silence.

That opens the door to your next question: “Would you be interested in a free tax analysis?” If they ask what that is, you can tell them it’s like a doctor’s second opinion.

Then set up a time to talk. Don’t wait for them to ask for the appointment. They won’t. (It wasn’t any fun when you were a teenager waiting around by the phone for your crush to call you, and it isn’t any more fun waiting for clients to call when you’re a grownup.)

Steve Rogers – aka Captain America – has a virtually indestructible circular shield made of “proto-adamantium” presented to him by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. You may not have quite such a powerful weapon. But you can give your clients a shield to ward off unnecessary taxes. And that will make them nearly as happy as if you saved the universe for them.