New Resource: Trump Won… Now What?

On January 20, Donald Trump will take the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States. He’ll have the full support of a Republican House and Senate, meaning an end to the gridlock of the past six years. What effect will his inauguration have on your clients’ taxes?

Whether your clients are exuberant, or threatening to move to Canada, they’re probably wondering what’s ahead, just like the rest of us. Be there to help them make sense of it all, with a new resource we’ve just added. “Trump Won. Now What?” lets clients know what they might expect tax-wise from a Trump presidency. And especially, it will remind them that you’re paying attention to the turmoil for them. You’re welcome to customize it as you like. Email it, snail mail it, tie it to a brick – send it out however you like, but make sure your clients know they’re not alone!

You’ll find it in the Marketing Templates folder within TaxCoach, as #2 under the Other Resources heading.