Outlook Letter Versus Client Alert

Hollywood has always had a fondness for superhero movies, and coming this March, Warner Brothers will drop Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice into a multiplex near you. Keith likes a good dustup as much as the next guy, so he got inspired to try a little TaxCoach mashup himself.

This is a very special time of year. No, we’re not talking about the holidays; we’re talking about the TaxCoach Outlook Letter. This Outlook Letter is updated every fall, and it’s your chance to let your clients know what sort of tax legislation they can expect in the upcoming year.

But there’s something different about this year’s outlook. Congress is gridlocked like traffic at your favorite mall on the Saturday before Christmas, and with the 2016 election looming, we just can’t expect any action on tax legislation. So we’ve replaced our usual strategy-by-strategy projections with a simple “nothing to see here” message. (It’s still just as valuable to send that message to your clients and let them know you’re on the job. There just isn’t anything to report!)

Here’s where Keith got clever, and we think you’ll really be pleased. Ordinarily, the Outlook Letter is tied to individual clients on the Reports Page, and there’s no “batch production” capability. That’s because the contents of the letter (ordinarily) depend on which strategies you’ve suggested for each client. But this year, like last year, there’s nothing specific. So Keith realized he could set up the Outlook Letter as a Client Alert and let you produce letters for all your clients at once!

When you click on the “Client Alerts” button in TaxCoach, you’ll see a list of alerts, with this latest on top. The file “TaxOutlk16.rtf” contains letters addressed to all of your clients entered into the TaxCoach system. (Alerts like these are just one great reason to enter all your clients into TaxCoach, although you can certainly take the Client Alert text and enter it into your own contact manager. If you haven’t already done so, give the TaxCoach Bulk Client Uploader a try.)

You can download the file to your computer, and print on your letterhead using MS Word, or any word processor that supports Rich Text Format (‘RTF’). You’ll find instructions on the Client Alerts page.

As usual, many of you will be tempted to cheap out and just email this stuff, won’t you? I’ll agree that email is better than nothing. But it’s not nearly as effective as good old-fashioned snail mail for getting your clients’ attention and reminding them you’re looking out for them as their trusted advisor.