Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a complimentary consultation to new members, which will help you quickly realize the benefits of your TaxCoach™ membership. This 30-minute call is with a seasoned tax professional who has successfully used the TaxCoach™ system to grow his tax practice. Over the years, we’ve found that, by far, those members who have been most successful in growing and leveling out their revenue  are those who start out with a consultation with us. The consultation time is available for you to use as you wish – feel free to ask any business-building or system questions you may have. We want to help you succeed!

How much money can I really make with tax planning?

How much money do you want to make? We have TaxCoach™ members billing six figures per year for planning. We have members selling plans for up to $50,000. (We’d love to see you charge even more – let us know when you do!) And clients who pay for tax planning will pay for other services, too – usually more than your non-planning clients.


My clients are cheap. They think they’re already getting tax planning, and they won’t pay me extra for it.

TaxCoach™ helps you get better clients. TaxCoach™ produces immediate, measurable savings that you can use to establish and communicate your value. Tax planning clients know exactly how much you’re worth to them, and understand why it’s in their best interests to pay you more than they would pay your competitors.


What do I say when my client asks me why I didn’t tell them all this before?

If you’re like a lot of new TaxCoach™ members, you’re worried that your existing clients will criticize you for not bringing these sorts of ideas sooner. The key to overcoming this objection is communicating how tax-planning is different from what they thought they were already paying for.

If the client asks, you can tell them that you’ve previously focused on compliance, and you’ve been very proud of the job you’ve done with that compliance. But with tax rates going up, and new taxes like the net investment income tax coming online, compliance alone isn’t enough. Now it’s time for formal tax planning – and you’d rather bring it to your client now than not at all. Remember, when it comes to tax planning, your clients are rooting for you to succeed! They’ll be glad you came to them with ideas!

I already do tax planning. How is TaxCoach™ different?

If you’re like most TaxCoach™ members, you’ve been “doing tax planning” for years. You give your clients valuable ideas for saving money on taxes all the time. You may even do elaborate year-end projections to help them with estimated payments. But most of your informal advice goes in one ear and out the other. And those complicated spreadsheets help calculate taxes, but not cut them. TaxCoach™ produces a detailed roadmap for paying less and gives your clients the savings they really want.


How hard will it be for me to learn TaxCoach™?

Most new TaxCoach™ members find they can complete a plan for themselves within minutes of logging in to the site. And we have a series of helpful online classes, called “TaxCoach™ University,” to help you quickly ramp up. As for technical knowledge, you don’t have to know every strategy out there to get started; you just have to know more than your client does. If you come back in a year with even more great ideas, do you really think they’ll be upset with you?


Nobody ever comes to me looking for “tax planning.” How do I get clients interested?

Here at TaxCoach™, we recommend asking what we call the “magic question.” Just ask your prospective client, “When was the last time your tax professional came to you and said they had an idea for saving money?” Ninety percent of the time, their answer will be “never.” Now you’ll have identified an immediate benefit that your prospect says they’re not getting from their current relationship. TaxCoach’s™ marketing strategies will help you make the most of those conversations, and get clients excited about a service they never knew they wanted!

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