TAX TUNE UP 002: IRS Attorney Turned Meth Dealer Could Possibly Face Tax Evasion Charges

In today’s episode we explore the story of an enterprising American who joined the gig economy. Ironically, Jack Vitayanon went from being an IRS attorney to facing repercussions for tax evasion in his drug trafficking side job.

Key Takeaways:

[:25] You may not have seen Breaking Bad, but you’ve at least heard of it.

[1:27] Breaking Bad was great fun to watch, but there was a good reason why the announcer always said, “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

[1:41] IRS attorney Jack Vitayanon is a real-life Walter White.

[2:48] How did agents from the Department of Homeland security bust Jack?

[3:55] Jack was caught using meth on video and shipping meth through the mail.

[5:11] Jack is now facing jail time for drug trafficking, and ironically, could also face jail time for not paying taxes on money he made trafficking drugs.

[5:43] The tax code includes a provision (Section 280E) that prevents drug dealers from writing off their legal business expenses.

[6:21] Taxes are now the least of Jack Vitayanon’s worries, but they aren’t the least of yours. Are you ready to start keeping more of your hard-earned money? For more information, check out