TAX TUNE UP 005: Sweden Encourages Citizens to Repair Household Items

In recent years, Americans have lost their thrifty, self reliant attitudes and adopted a “just throw it away and buy a new one” lifestyle. Sweden has noticed a similar trend amongst its citizens, and has decided to use their tax laws to change it.

Key Takeaways:

[:18] For generations, Americans fostered a culture of thrifty self-reliance and repair.

[1:04] We have become a “throwaway” society.

[1:44] Sweden has seen a similar trend.

[2:01] Sweden has passed a new law, cutting taxes on “fixing things.”

[3:41] These tax incentives should encourage Swedes to buy higher quality products, and repair them when they break.

[4:00] The new law will cost Sweden a significant amount of money.

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