TAX TUNE UP 008: Monopoly Money

The board game Monopoly gained popularity during the Great Depression, but it was actually created decades earlier to promote a certain tax model.

Key Takeaways:

[:17] In 1935 Americans were suffering in the midst of the Great Depression.

[:42] On February 6th, 1935 the Parker Brothers started selling the board game Monopoly.

[:56] Everyone has an opinion about how to best play Monopoly, but few know the game’s true history.

[1:46] What is Georgism, and what does it have to do with property tax and Monopoly?

[2:37] Economists argue that a land value tax is more efficient than income or sales taxes.

[3:13] President Roosevelt did not take the same approach to income tax that Monopoly does.

[4:22] Call Financial Gravity when you are ready to pay less in taxes. Do not pass Go.