TAX TUNE UP 015: $50 Million, Hut!

College football coaches make more than anyone else in academia, but the linebackers at the IRS want to intercept forty percent of that. At least one coach has devised a play to weave around them and come out on top when it really matters, after taxes.

Key Takeaways:

[:21] The 2017 college football season has kicked off.

[:49] Football coaches make much more than anyone else in academia.

[1:20] Alabama’s Nick Saban makes more than $7 million per year, and the linebackers at the IRS want their share of that.

[1:46] Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh has found a way to weave around the IRS and come out on top.

[3:37] Football teams have all kinds of ways to put points on the board, and the best coaches put together game plans to harness all those opportunities. It works the same way with taxes, so call Financial Gravity before you get to the red zone and let us come up with your best game plan.

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