TAX TUNE UP 016: A Match Made in Dallas

When Greg Blatt moved from New York to Texas and back again, he was ordered to pay $430,065 in taxes, plus interest and fees. However, thanks to his new dog, he won his petition for refund of that money.

Key Takeaways:

[:21] In 2009 Greg Blatt became the CEO of Match, a group of dating sites and moved from New York to be near Match’s headquarters in Dallas.

[1:39] Blatt liked Dallas but had to move back to New York for a promotion.

[2:55] Upon moving back to New York, Blatt was audited and was hit with $430,065 in taxes plus interest and penalties.

[3:16] New York’s taxes are much higher than Texas’s.

[3:26] Administrative law judge, Diane Gardener, issued a 23-page opinion about Blatt’s case in which she said his move to Dallas had been complete because his dog was there.

[4:02] Today we’ve learned that home is where the dog is, or home is where the tax savings are, so call Financial Gravity when you’re ready to save and we’ll help you feather your nest.

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