TAX TUNE UP 019: Stranger Taxes

Stranger Things is chock full of nostalgic ’80s references and naturally, has me nostalgic for 1980s taxes. From writing off 100% of the cost of a business lunch to people fraudulently claiming tax deductions on nonexistent children — taxes were a lot different in the 80s!

Key Takeaways:

[:22] Netflix has completed upended how people consume television by releasing an entire season’s worth of a series all at once.

[:56] The Netflix hit TV show Stranger Things is chock full of nostalgic 80s references.

[1:43] Taking a look at taxes in the 1980s.

[2:53] Millions of people fraudulently claimed tax deductions on nonexistent children and pets.

[3:31] You could deduct interest you paid to buy almost anything except tax rebounds.

[3:52] The shadow monster and Demogorgon are make belief but the risk of overpaying your taxes is very real. So don’t fight your way out of a creepy government lab or scary IRS tax code all by yourself. Call Financial Gravity for a plan and we’ll guide you to safety.

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