TaxCoach Joins Financial Gravity

Keith and I launched TaxCoach ten years ago with a vision of offering a new kind of tax service – a plain-English plan you could offer to clients with a road map to achieving the sort of savings they really want from their advisors. Since then, we’ve been gratified to see TaxCoach grow into a complete business-development system – based on that same tax-planning tool, but enhanced by a suite of marketing tools and a vibrant nationwide community of tax and finance professionals sharing their successes and best practices. (That would be you.)

Now we’re delighted to announce that we’ve taken the next step in our journey. We’ve become a part of Financial Gravity Holdings, a Dallas-based financial services company offering tax planning and management, business consulting, and wealth management services to business owners across the country. 

What does this mean for us at TaxCoach, and for your membership? Well, in a nutshell, it’s all good. While there is a world of opportunity to expand TaxCoach’s capabilities, there aren’t any significant changes to the current system on the horizon, and you won’t lose out on any of the TaxCoach benefits you’ve come to appreciate. Keith, Lisa, and I are all staying on to run our little corner of the Financial Gravity enterprise. I’ll continue to write the weekly Briefs, host the Wednesday Member Call-Ins and TCU classes, and produce the weekly Wire Service broadcasts. Those are all essential, core parts of the TaxCoach experience, and they’re as valuable to Financial Gravity as they are to you and us.

As for the software itself and the tools surrounding it, we plan to take advantage of Financial Gravity’s resources to enhance the system and its features. We’re just getting started with those discussions, so keep an eye out here for further developments.

We understand that our decision to become a part of a bigger organization might prompt questions about your privacy and your clients’ personal information. So I’m here to assure you that TaxCoach will be maintaining absolute independence in that regard. As always, your individual identity as a TaxCoach member and your clients’ personal information will remain perfectly safe and private. There will be no data-sharing of any sort with Financial Gravity, and no contact of any sort with your clients. This would be a violation of the license that WE agreed to when you signed up for our service.

Why did we choose to partner with Financial Gravity? John Pollock, Financial Gravity’s CEO, has been a TaxCoach member since 2010. He’s built an entire prospecting and business–development system around TaxCoach’s proactive tax planning, and he’s seen firsthand how that combination attracts business owners. His firm offers Tax Blueprint and Tax Operating System services, Business Blueprint and Business Operating System advisory and consulting services, and insurance and wealth management services. Over the last ten years, I’ve seen all sorts of efforts by financial advisors to integrate tax planning into their practices. I’m convinced that John has finally “cracked the code” to accomplishing that goal. And we’re looking forward to showing you how Financial Gravity can enhance your practice without competing with you.

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