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Add Revenue with Proactive Tax Planning

TaxCoach is a unique system that generates proactive tax plans tailored to your clients’ circumstances, so you can finally get paid for your advice.

With the online system, you can give your clients a true tax plan, with specific tax-saving strategies in a tangible deliverable that shows your commitment to cutting their tax bill. This is nothing like traditional tax “planning” software that doesn’t plan anything, but just projects future tax liabilities in excruciating, spreadsheet detail. And that’s usually far more detail than clients need, or even appreciate.

TaxCoach plans reassure clients with their completeness, and the summary reports give you a perfect discussion document to guide your delivery. TaxCoach makes YOU your clients’ most trusted advisor – and those better client relationships will transform your whole business.

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See What Others Have to Say about Our Tax Planning Software

This tax season I sold seven tax plans averaging $1,500 each, for a total of $10,500. I am in the process of turning those into about $1,500 of ongoing maintenance fees for an annual total of $18,000… That’s $28,500, or the same as 95 tax returns at my average of $300 each. 7 clients vs. 95 clients. Easy decision where to focus my future. This really is beginning to look like the kind of practice I want to have.

Fred Bumpass, CPA

Dacula, GA

Your software is excellent, and the ideas and presentation are exactly what you said they would be. It helps a tax planner focus on the issues, and it helps organize a discussion with the client. It made me aware that the salesmanship in confidently offering tax planning can yield more than a tax prep fee. Thank you for that awareness.

Reginald Sansaricq, EA

Boca Raton, FL

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