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Larry Stone, CPA, Frisco, CO

“Since I have been working with TaxCoach™, my revenue has gone up 300%, which is quite a nice thing in the last four years. It’s changed the complete direction of my firm… TaxCoach™ has provided me a number of tools, including marketing, counseling, and the community of other tax coaches where we have worked towards improving my processes and systems in a logical manner that continually brings more money to my bottom line and makes it easier to grow the firm.”

Paul Dion, CPA, Millbury, MA

“My practice is actually two and a half times the size it was when I first started with TaxCoach™, and I really attribute that to everything they’ve been able to teach me here, and I’m expecting it to continue, so I’m really kind of excited…”

Karen Ryan, EA, Fowlerville, MI

“I have a practice in Michigan which I have grown from approximately 300 clients to over 1,000 clients in the last six years since joining TaxCoach™ in 2006. I actually created more business than I could handle, and now have expanded up to five staff members and two locations.”

Tony Amatore, CTC, Canfield, OH

“TaxCoach™ reenergized our practice. I sat down to talk with my assistant, Amy, about how many tax plans we had done for this year, and it turned out to be 52 plans through October… that equated to $400,000 in revenue—a lot of money. I’ve worked very hard for it, but we have a lot of happy clients. That’s what it boils down to.”

Tracy A. Guarino, CPA, Nashville, TN

“This is an awesome tool for any CPA looking to provide ‘full tax planning service’ to their clients!”

Alex Miler, CPA, CMA, Columbus, OH

“I’m happy to renew my TaxCoach™ subscription, as even one new good idea is worth the money, and you and Keith keep the good ideas coming. I find significant value in your weekly and monthly newsletters, given their informative, inspirational, and motivational content. Simply put, my subscription is one of the best investments I can make as a ‘value-focused’ professional tax practitioner.”

Michael J. McCormick, CPA, Blue Ash, OH

“Just wanted to say thanks to Ed and Keith. TaxCoach™ has given me the kick that I needed to really get busy marketing my services. Using the TaxCoach™ real estate materials, I gave a presentation on November 20th. I walked out with many positive reviews and 15 appointments. I’ll probably do between 5 and 10 tax plans. I also now have a lead on a 60 person MERP. TaxCoach™ membership is truly priceless.”

Fred Bumpass, CPA, Dacula, GA

“I met with a prospect this morning and sold another plan. $1,800. I really would never have felt the confidence to do a plan, and certainly would not have charged that amount, without TaxCoach’s™ tools and training. This is getting fun! Thanks for all of the help.”

Greg LaFollette, CPA, Ann Arbor, MI

“The reports are stunning in their presentation quality. The layout and format are made for quick and easy reference, and even the most financially illiterate client will find value. Any firm would be proud to present the report which includes, the firm logo, practitioner photo and bio, a clear and concise table of contents, and over a hundred different ‘strategy modules.’”

Mark Allen, EA, Folsom, CA

“Your content and plan for getting clients in the door are very good. The client letters are excellent. The ‘30 Days to 30 Clients’ program is excellent. Thanks again!”

Susan Hightower, CPA, CTC, Upper Marlboro, MD

“Used your business presentation PowerPoint in a class of about 50 budding entrepreneurs and looked like a genius. Got 10 “free analysis” appointments for May!”

Lisa Johnson, CPA, Spanish Fort, AL

“TaxCoach™ has given my business the boost that it needed to increase revenue. My clients like it and use it to gain a better understanding of their tax saving strategies. That helps to promote my ongoing relationship with them.”

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