The Difference between Us and Them

If you’re like most tax professionals right now, your nose has been buried in returns for the last eight weeks. With two weeks left in “the season,” you’re too busy to even be thinking about growing your business after April 18, let alone actually doing anything about it.

And that’s fine, if you’re happy being like “most” tax professionals. Same practice. Same results. Same daily grind, year after year.

Hopefully, that’s why you’re here – for something different. The most successful TaxCoach members are busy, too. But not just filing returns. They’re busy crafting and implementing plans to build businesses to support their lives.

Here’s an email I got on Tuesday from one of our All-Star members that illustrates my point. It’s still tax season, but she’s already lining up and looking forward to the fun – and more profitable – work waiting for her on the other side:

Hi Ed,

This email is to follow up the coaching call I just booked for tomorrow.

I just hung up from a phone call with [two partners who run a very successful coaching program targeting specialty contractors].

[The partners] have received a copy of my Stop Overpaying book and now have received a copy of my new info product –Stop Overpaying Your Taxes: Nine Ways Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Can Keep More of What They Earn. This latest product finally caught their attention and I was able to book an introduction phone call for this morning (after following up with them for 7 months).

They have agreed to send over copies of their personal and business tax returns and a QB backup. Now, all I need to do is to find significant tax savings for them. Once I do that, they will “turn on the faucet” per Rob’s quote. (No pressure!!)

This could be a huge tax planning project for us and one that has lasting implications. Before you ask – yes, I’m feeling out of my comfort zone (but I should be used to that by now).

I’ve also received some tax returns recently from a few of my podcast hosts which look like they could become tax plans as soon as tax season is over. My real estate seminars are paying off, too. I have picked up 4 or 5 nice tax clients that will be tax plans from that group, too.

This tax season I actually have a nice waiting list for tax planning services. This sure feels good! I’m really looking forward to getting back into tax planning again.

Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow.

Diane Gardner, EA, CTC
Rathdrum, ID

Diane’s words pretty much speak for themselves, so I won’t belabor her point.

But let me finish by saying something you might not want to hear.

TaxCoach isn’t for everyone. Since Keith and I launched, back in the pre-electricity days (2005), we’ve had over 2,700 members come through our doors. Just 600 or so have stayed the course, including a couple who have been with us since the beginning. Others have left for a while, and come back. Still others are just discovering us, but realizing they’ll be “lifers.”

Those who’ve stayed all share one thing in common. They aren’t satisfied with being just like everyone else. They all want more. Sometimes it’s more financial success. Sometimes it’s more focused service for clients. Sometimes it’s more time, for families, hobbies, or adventures. Sometimes it’s just the simple desire to stand out from the crowd.

If that’s not you, that’s ok. Plenty of tax and financial services professionals have developed perfectly fine practices without us.

But if you want more – and you’re not already a member – put a sticky note on your calendar for April 19th. When you’re finally finished working in the business, take a little time to work on it. Take advantage of our 15-day free trial, and see what you’re missing. It might just be the difference between the practice you have now, and the practice you really want.