Truer Than the Red, White, and Blue!

American flag

July 4th is almost here, and most of you are looking ahead towards weekend barbecues, parades, and other outdoor fun. So I won’t keep you! But I do want you to give at least a little thought to the revolutionaries who gave birth to our country these 239 years ago.

What motivated them?

Sure, read the Declaration of Independence, and you’ll see a whole list of “repeated injuries and usurpations.” But we all know the real action came on the tax side. 

Nobody remembers the Federalist Party. Nobody remembers the Anti-Federalist Party. Nobody remembers the Whig Party, except to make fun of their name.

But everybody remembers the Boston Tea Party!

Americans hate paying taxes. It’s in our national DNA. It’s in our blood!

More important, for our purposes, is that it’s more than an intellectual choice. It’s a visceral, emotional feeling.

We can’t know what George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, or John Jay would think of today’s NSA and warrantless wiretapping. (Probably against it.) We can’t know what they would think of Obamacare. (Probably against it.) We can’t know what they would think of the designated hitter. (Probably against it.)

But we can be pretty sure that if you showed George Washington a copy of today’s Internal Revenue Code, he’d back away in terror and say, “That’s not what we meant!!!” (And he’d do it with those cool old “S”s that look like “F”s.)

So go ahead and enjoy your picnics and parades this weekend. And take a minute or two to realize that when you save a client enough tax to buy a new speedboat, you’re not just building your business – you’re doing your patriotic duty!